Affinity Chromatography for Vaccines Purification

12th May 2020 | 10.00 am EST | Mikkel Nissum, Vaccine R&D Quality Site Lead at GSK Vaccines |WATCH FOR FREE

Only clean drinking water rivals vaccination in its ability to save lives. Yet, the development and manufacturing of vaccines remain challenging. Vaccines comprise a heterogeneous variety of targets. Each target requires a dedicated development and manufacturing process adding to the timelines for getting new vaccines to the patient and ensuring a reliable supply. For the downstream processing part, often the process is composed of an optimized set of up to three chromatographic steps to provide the final desired quality of the target. On top of the long development time required to develop such a multi-step process, at times, the end result may not be satisfactory, in particular regarding the purity of the target.
In order to overcome this downstream processing challenge, we embarked on establishing a purification platform based on affinity purification. The main advantages of such a platform for vaccine manufacturing would be:

  • By applying a positive selection principle for chromatography, the number of chromatographic steps may be reduced to just one step
  • Establishing a platform would require minimal process changes from one target to another
  • Downstream processing would become predictable in terms of development time and costs

The journey of establishing the affinity purification platform focusing on main challenges and key results will be presented in the Webinar.
Presented by Mikkel Nissum, Vaccine R&D Quality Site Lead at GSK Vaccines

Mikkel is currently Quality Site Lead at GSK vaccines leading the strategic quality support to vaccine development projects. Prior to this role, Mikkel was leading research and technical development of vaccine projects from pre-clinical until commercial launch. Mikkel was trained as an analytical chemist and biochemist at the University of Southern Denmark then moved to the University of Wurzburg as a researcher in optical spectroscopy. Before joining GSK Vaccines in 2009, Mikkel worked in a number of biotech and medical technology companies as a senior scientist and laboratory head including Becton Dickinson, Hamilton, Tecan and MWG-Biotech.

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