Established Conditions in Analytical Procedure: Overview, Regulatory Examples and an FDA Laboratory Study

17th September 2024 | 10:00am EDT / 7:00am PDT / 3:00pm BST / 4:00pm CEST | Jinhui Zhang, Chemist at FDA/CDER and Dimple Shah, Pr. Scientist at Waters Corporation |BOOK FREE SEAT FOR THIS WEBINAR

Established conditions (ECs) are manufacturing and control elements considered necessary to assure product quality (e.g., ECs in manufacturing process) and to help assure method performance (e.g., ECs in analytical procedures). ECs in analytical procedures help to maintain reliable results that can ensure the efficient product control strategy during the product life cycle. Changing ECs in analytical procedures may necessitate a certain level of regulatory activity and the level of regulatory activity can be different depending on the strategy defining ECs and the extent of changes. The presentation will first provide a high-level overview of harmonized scientific risk-based approaches for identifying ECs and determining the corresponding reporting categories based on scientific principles described in ICH Q12 and Q14 guidelines. Then, two regulatory examples involving ECs in analytical procedures will be discussed. It is noteworthy mentioning that both parameter and performance-based ECs in an analytical procedure are defined in these two examples. The last part of the presentation will be an FDA laboratory study on a mass spectrometry method for a recently identified NDSRI (Nitrosamine drug substance-related impurity). In this case study, analytical variables and method robustness were investigated according to recommendations from the ICH Q2R2 (draft) Guideline. Based on the impact of each variable on method performance, categorical and numerical ECs were proposed.

Presented by Jinhui Zhang, Chemist at FDA/CDER

Dr. Jinhui Zhang is a Chemist at the FDA/CDER. His research at FDA focuses on using advanced mass spectrometry and automation platforms for the characterization of biotherapeutics, complex drug products and clinical studies.

Prior to joining FDA, he held a research faculty position at Texas Tech University. He has given 60 invited podium presentations and published 50 peer reviewed publications on drug products quality, pharmacokinetics, bioanalysis, pharmacogenomics and omics based therapeutic biomarkers.

Dr. Zhang is an editorial advisory board member of Bioanalysis, an organizing committee member of CASSS DC Discussion Group.

Followed by Dimple Shah, Pr. Scientist at Waters Corporation

Dimple Shah has a M.S. degree in Organic Chemistry from St. Xavier’s college, Gujarat University, India. She also has a M.S. degree in Chemistry from University of Massachusetts at Lowell.  She is working at Waters Corporation, Milford as a Principal Scientist in Genotoxic impurity and Food and Environment market. She is responsible for development of analytical methods for determination of NDSRI for genotoxic impurity market and contaminants in food and water using LC and Mass spectrometers. Her areas of expertise are LC, tandem quadruple, high resolution mass spectrometry and various chromatographic and mass spectrometry software.  She has published several application notes on NDSRI, polar pesticides, pesticides, veterinary drugs, mycotoxins, sugars, sweeteners, vitamins and dyes.

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